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by Eufobia

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Madness 03:54
MADNESS What the f*ck is wrong with this dying world, Which used to be our home before it was destroyed? We feel all alone while we're hiding from Those who are looking for a shelter from the storm. Is it too late? Can someone make Everything great ever again? Are we going to protest or we'll finally confess, That the knife wasn't so sharp, but the night was cold and dark? Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
FACING THE FIRING SQUAD I know what they see when they look at me My body will fall. They can't kill my soul. I'll face them alone just before the dawn. I'm not loosing hope, but I'll soon be gone. One has to believe. It's a simple need. There is nothing wrong. Here's where I belong. The world is on fire. They wanted me to live my life in denial Of what I could clearly see with my own eyes. They wanted me to believe in their lies, But instead of obeying I'd rather die. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
WOLF AMONG THE SHEEP Stand your ground! Regain control! Those who are in need we should help indeed, But you are a freak, a wolf among the sheep. You came as a friend to ask for our help And we gave you bread, but you bit our hand. You just want to kill us all like some filthy animals, But we'll stand our ground, regain control And send you straight to your God. You're the wolf among the sheep. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
Messiah 03:49
MESSIAH They'll treat you like a messiah, But those are no servants of God. That's why they will crucify you Putting you on an iron cross. They will baptize you with fire Burning deep inside your wounds. Later they'll try to deny it, But it will be too late for that. They'll eat your flesh and drink your blood. They'll forge some nails to fix you up Up on the cross and it will hurt to be forsaken. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
THOSE WHO BELIEVE Those who believe shall not be forgotten Are empty words for those left to rot. You're alone. Trusting your God is more than enough. He died for your sins up on the cross. Pray to God! Those who believe shall not be forgotten Are empty words for those left to rot. You're alone. Hypocrisy and more pain to suffer. You're praying still but you've reached the bottom. Pray to God! You are all alone when you pray to God. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
BURNING STREETS Everyone you love might also die. Only a coward would refuse to fight. It's alright to be self-righteous now, For you're fighting for the righteous side. The old ways are lost and left behind. Another person lives inside your mind. Through the burning streets you're marching now And your torch is firing up the night. Someone is dead. A mother's crying. There was a threat. One must survive. Of course it's sad, but you've been trying To live to see a better day. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
USE YOUR HEAD If they told you that you were insane, Would you try to oppose their authority? If they wanted you to feel ashamed, Would you try to give up your identity? If they treated you like a slave, Would you think they were actually helping you? Do you have any right to complain, Or just feel you're in debt to society? If they promised you to heal your pain, Would you say they lost touch with reality? If they gave you a new pair of chains, Would you try to express them your gratitude? Use your head! Music by: I. Gemijev Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
Liberation 03:07
LIBERATION He's always hungry, unsatisfied. The hands are dirty and so is the mind. A politician, a businessman, But he's not a human, 'cause he's got no heart. Let's slay this greedy pig tonight, Or else he will eat us alive. Let's slay this greedy pig tonight, Or else no one will survive. The stomach hurts him every time he stops To consume what's ours while our children cry. It's time to wake up and grab a knife. If we are united, we'll regain our pride. He will exterminate us. That's why we have to kill him. Music by: I. Gemijev Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
THE ESTABLISHMENT They're afraid, they're loosing. Cannot win this fight. Weapons would be useless, 'cause we're already dead. Their own end is coming. Threatening to kill us It's themselves they're fooling, 'cause we're already dead. It's to late to reach their goal, The enslavement of us all. They've already lost control. Cannot kill us anymore, 'Cause we're dead. Music & Lyrics by: N. Bojakov
Animal Farm 04:01
ANIMAL FARM Greedy old pigs proud of their deeds. They'll never face trial for any of their crimes. Stupid young sheep, who think they're unique Marching with pride to the slaughter house. We wasted our lives trapped in this farm. The freedom we'd gained was taken away. They're killing us here for being sincere. We won't swallow our pride just to survive. But this is not the end. One day They will have to pay 'cause only Blood could wash away their sins And the judgement day is coming soon. They're killing us here for being sincere. We won't swallow our pride. We'd rather stand and fight. Music by: I. Gemijev Lyrics by: N. Bojakov


released June 10, 2022


all rights reserved



Eufobia Sofia, Bulgaria


Niki Bojakov
(Guitar & Vocals)
Stefan Abajiev
(Bass & Vocals)
Blagovest Petrov
Ivan Gemijev (Guitar)

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