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Cup Of Mud


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Violin 02:41
VIOLIN Bury your feelings inside! Bury your dreams and hide! And now is the awakening hour. Bury your dreams and hide! Hypocrisy and lies your violin won't hide. And now is the awakening hour. Your violin won't hide. Music by: Niki Bojakov & Ivan Gemijev Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Maligna 03:16
MALIGNA I'm sorry for all that I've said. I'm sorry for all that I've done. I'm sorry that I was afraid to climb on the top of the sun. I'm sorry for making you cry. I'm sorry for making you think That you could just leave me here dying and I would rest mute as a mime. So who's the traitor now and who was not? I'm hiding here to spy on you like a God Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Laid To Rest 03:05
LAID TO REST Waiting at the fall of life. What am I expecting now? What awaits me far beyond? Answers I can’t find. Life is a precious thing to lose. Live it to the fullest! I don’t think I get to choose when I’m laid to rest. So I’m waiting and praying now. I’m waiting and I’m crying now. Time is up. I have to go. The final day has come. I want to know who runs the show when everybody’s gone. Music by: Niki Bojakov Lyrics by: Blagovest Petrov
Believer 03:37
BELIEVER Your flower will decorate my grave. Life's for the cowards. The ocean of pain's my fate. It will kiss my dying lips. It makes me forget your blame. Erasing my memories with its melancholic breath. I was a believer. Now I'm just your Christ in a frame. I'm drowning in fears that taste like sweet female sweat. The hell's full of lizards. I'm laughing like one of them. We're loosing our livers in those alcoholic flames. This memory is holding me. The setting sun is dying. It will no longer shine. Music & Lyrics: Niki Bojakov
Cruel Child 03:47
CRUEL CHILD I adore the way your wings shine into the moonlight. I adore your skin. Your eyes look so harmless. Deep inside you hide the truth. You are a liar. I wish I could die for you. I feel so inspired, my Child! I wish I could burn your wings while I'm cutting off mine. I wish I could paint a dream. Deep inside I know somehow that you are a liar. I'm already dead but still, you're unsatisfied, my Only One! I won't let the Death pass me by. I won't let the Death unsatisfied. Release me from my pain! I'm not your slave! I should leave my empty cup away. I should pay a ransom for my fate. I should lay my flesh into the grave. Remind me how to be scared! My Cruel Child, untie me now! Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
RAIN OF SNAILS I’m praying in the forest for a rain of snails. You’re lying in a cradle made of nails and chains. Down there are the ruins of my soul. The hell was the only place where I found hope. I’m here just for you. The fly shows no sign of shame While eating the bloody jam I keep the flowers of rage just for you Cause you make me feel like a frame On the wall covered with the portraits of shame. The rain will fall to clean us all. I need you. Just you. I need you to hate me. So why don’t you hate me? I need you to hate me more that all you’ve ever hated. I need you to hate me more that all. Why don’t you hate me? Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Frog 03:29
FROG Frozen stars with golden breasts appeared undressed. You're hungry again. I felt your nails. Your tongue can't wait to taste my grease. You're hungry again. You are a frog, my greedy one! Be sure that I don't mind that you're a frog inside So would you be so kind to eat me like a fly? Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Mud 03:15
MUD You don’t let me dream. You’re waking me up Just to drink with me one warm cup of mud. I feel so ashamed, for my will is weak. Your blood runs insane. I’m drowning while you’re rising. This night looks so grim, inspired by the storm. In my childhood dreams You’re drowning while I’m rising. Your triumph is fake, but you won’t confess That we’re both made of mud. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Silver Air 02:54
SILVER AIR Follow me! I’ll bring you there Where you’ll breathe the silver air. Lonely dreams and empty chairs. Yes, indeed, this life’s not fair. Follow me! Your selfish smile Makes my flesh cry. Endless sleep and lazy lies. Yes, indeed, the world is dying. Your smile makes me feel alive. It’s hard to run away from the sun. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Music by: Niki Bojakov & Ivan Gemijev


released May 31, 2011


all rights reserved



Eufobia Sofia, Bulgaria


Niki Bojakov
(Guitar & Vocals)
Stefan Abajiev
(Bass & Vocals)
Blagovest Petrov
Ivan Gemijev (Guitar)

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