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Graveyard 03:14
GRAVEYARD A little child was buried down with his mother by his side Laid to rest into the ground. Lay down, Little Child! A little boy with a restless soul wants to crawl back to the light Asking mother may he go. Lay down, Little Child! Mother was there to reply to her son that he should not Ever try to crawl outside. Lay down, Little Child! As the world out there is cold and she's here laid by his side While outside he'd be alone. Lay down, Little Child! Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov Music by: Ivan Gemijev
Hater 03:31
HATER You would tear me open to see what's inside. I'll remain unbroken while condemned to die. I'll die but you would never see me cry. Full of hatred and hollow, rotten deep inside. Hiding in your shadow while I'm passing by. I could hear your whisper full of filthy lies. Give me of your wisdom right before I die. Hate me! Try to break me! Hate me! Try to beat me up! Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
LIQUID OF CREATION Waste your life tonight! Come inside the light! She's always on your wicked mind. She's always in your filthy dreams. Welcomes you to come inside That emptiness that you should fill. Save your pride tonight! Come inside the light! Come inside! Deep inside! Come inside! Suicide! You're a Suicidal Child! Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Devotion 03:03
DEVOTION I would do anything you want. Anything you like I may sacrifice, But I wonder if my devotion will repay. All those years have gone away While I’m kneeling down to pray. So tell me what you want! If there’s any blame to take, I will take it with no shame. So show me if you there! As it seems that you don’t care That I’m the one who’s rotting here. I would do anything you want. Anything you like I may sacrifice, But I wonder if you are listening to me As the silence still remains While my hope has gone already. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Fat Sack 02:31
FAT SACK Now it’s time to feed again. Eat it all and have some more. No reaction in the brain. Getting fat. Achieve the goal. Mass is gaining fast. Turn into outcast. Store more in your mouth. It’s delicious. There’s no doubt. Overfed by your feeder. All this fat sells you cheap. Music by: Niki Bojakov Lyrics by: Blagovest Petrov
Unspoken 03:01
UNSPOKEN I keep on talking following your trace. Now you brought me here. I keep on talking by my thoughts remain Still unspoken. My hideaway’s in myself And I’m laughing for nothing. You should not hate me. Please, just set me free! My suffering was not supposed to be. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Lust 02:49
LUST I saw you staring at me, Seeing the truth so disgusting. Get away and never come back As you’re so fair, while I’m a scumbag. I belong to the flames. My soul’s consumed by the fire Driven into this hell By my filthy desires. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
Scarecrow 03:20
SCARECROW You want me to pretend I’m perfect But I adore committing sins. I chose to trust my instincts. You’re sitting there, but never listen To me while I’m just trying to fight Against your dragons of paper. Your tears are like windows. I’m looking inside. The heaven I see there is only a lie. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov
CYBER PERVERT Begging you Get on the net F*cking, killing no regret Every time it’s getting worse No one answers. You are cursed Teenage girls that want to f*ck Never had a better luck. He would never let you rest F*cking hard your little *ss Watching you, Wanting you Killing you, Feeling you Music by: Niki Bojakov Lyrics by: Blagovest Petrov
TEARS OF DEFLORATION Crying alone deep inside your own. Surrendering to lust may kill you, But it’s healing you killing you. Angels flying above the wicked sky Are whispering that your sweat love shall die In a brutal act. Music & Lyrics by: Niki Bojakov


released November 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Eufobia Sofia, Bulgaria


Niki Bojakov
(Guitar & Vocals)
Stefan Abajiev
(Bass & Vocals)
Blagovest Petrov
Ivan Gemijev (Guitar)

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